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The Sentinel Group team has extensive experience in the Defence and Security industry, and has provided solutions in some of the most challenging environments worldwide.


Sentinel Group undertakes bespoke, high-threat Field Security Assessments for NGOs and Corporate Clients. This includes, medical plans, evacuation plans and movement standard operating procedures. The assessment also includes evaluation of an environment prior to the deployment of personnel to enable it to be certified as low, moderate or high risk, enabling clients to examine the risk and decide if deployment is feasible. Risk mitigation is also assessed, and measures recommended to reduce the overall risk levels.


In addition,  Sentinel Group can make provision for security delegates to be attached to the customer for the duration of a deployment, and undertake roles to maintain the security and safety of all those deployed, enabling the customer to perform their roles in safety.


A typical consultancy will produce the following output:

· Identify actual and potential threats & risks to a large and highly visible deployment.

· Identify actual and potential vulnerabilities, and recommend on mitigation measures.

· Identify the requirements to deploy personal in a safe and secure manner

· Assess the suitability of selected local residences or hotels/guest houses to house/or serve as workspace for personnel, on security and safety grounds.

· Identify physical and procedural risk reduction measures in situ as well as for staff movement (e.g. road transport)

· Assist in developing location specific security and contingency plans, based on current client standards and templates.

· Provide comprehensive briefs to deployed personal & supporting reports.


Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements.


Sentinel Group has extensive experience of the design and implementation of all aspects of physical security from low to high threat areas. From a simple barrier to a high-threat rated bollard capable of stopping a 7.5 tonne vehicle traveling at speed. We can provide a turnkey solution from scoping and defining the requirement, to design and final implementation, including testing and commissioning.


Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements.


Sentinel Group was established in 2015 to provide premium security barriers in the East Africa region. Sentinel Group specialises in providing Trellidor Security products, HESCO products, High Security Fencing & Vehicle Main Entry Points and other Security products to corporate and domestic clients.


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