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Retractable Security

A galvanised steel trellis-patterned security barrier for door, windows and other openings.  Fully framed with a neat and compact sash.  Several models are available with additional strengthening features and fitted with a patented Trellidor locking system for improved strength.

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Rollerstyle aluminium security rollershutters are lightweight but very strong, with a compact and neat motor box housing.  Easy to operate with the fully automated Trellidor motor, specifically designed for local conditions.  In addition to resisting high-risk attack, these shutters provide excellent insulation, noise control and protection from the elements.  There is also a choice of slat design offering varying degrees of light and air access.

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FIXED Security

Fixed security bars for windows are manufactured using a combination of aluminium and reinforced steel inside the uprights and cross sections for increased resistance.  These are a premium quality, fully framed window security barrier, custom made to match existing cottage pane windows or for creating a cottage pane effect.

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A unique premium range, Clear Guard consists of a high tensile stainless steel woven mesh panel and full aluminum frame.  It is an elegant solution that allows clear views without compromising security, keeping out unwanted intruders, insects and animals, but also providing exceptional strength and resistance in the event of an attack. The unique design also allows free air from and helps to regulate internal temperatures through ventilation.

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Burglar Guards are a fixed galvanised steel no-retractable burglar proofing for windows offering a number of designs, including Trellidor Fixtures, Trellidor Burglar Bars and Trellidor Polycarbonate Bar.  Custom manufactured for almost any sized opening and can be fitted externally, internally, face on fit or within the window reveal.

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Polycarbonate Bar provides attractive, transparent window protection and is  ideal for estate living and homes or offices that don’t require highly visible burglar proofing. Manufactured from transparent polycarbonate panels that can be adjusted to block out intruders as well as baboons and monkeys. Neat design and strengthening features provide you with protection as well an attractive, see-through installation.

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Trellidor Security Shutter combines the strength and security Trellidor is known for with an elegant framed louvre panel design. To further enhance their

strength, these aluminium shutters are fitted with a patented Trellidor locking system. The louvres are connected internally for added security. This also

ensures there are no metal components cluttering the view and spoiling the sleek look of the shutters. Trellidor Security Shutter is custom-made to suit the format of the customer’s doors and windows for seamless security with style.

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Sentinel Group was established in 2015 to provide premium security barriers in the East Africa region. Sentinel Group specialises in providing Trellidor Security products, HESCO products, High Security Fencing & Vehicle Main Entry Points and other Security products to corporate and domestic clients.


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